Clockwork County EP (2013)

by Apathy Cycle

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I've been feeling really sick since the falling of the towers Scared for my life every minute every hour Bored to death I scream everytime I watch the screen The news portrays it all as a deadly, gruesome scene So I go to the place where I can feel fine Home of sandy beaches and another state of mind To some it's a reminder of a world gone blind To me it's just a chance to control my mind Making friends isn't hard if you create a nice story About your job, your friends and your status and your glory People here care about the car I drive But I'll do whatever it takes to survive The people seem nice but I can't help but feel That everywhere I go I'm being judged for being real Behind closed doors no one remembers my name 'Cause I'm not the one who can bring them fame Tossed in the ocean and left to drown... Living like a cog in this numbing machine, this is what it feels like to be absorbed Clockwork county Protect me from the outside world Clockwork county Raising scared little boys and sheltered little girls Clockwork county Protect me from the truth Clockwork county This world's no place for you Now I'm surrounded by ten thousand smiling faces They all look the same but they come from different places I really felt I had nowhere else to go And I've ditched my bike for a really big truck, bro I feel a little calmer now I feel like no one cares When I mention politics I get nothing but blank stares As long as I dress and I act the same way In clockwork county I'm allowed to live another day
I'm here (to) consume and take Designed to never take a break Profit over people will Make your life a living hell Protected by the corporate veil (I'll) Maintain profits without fail (My) Life emodies corporate greed Try but you can't make me bleed I'll set the standard so you'll never have to think Just sit and watch TV and have another drink
Branded 03:07
As you wake up from the depths of slumber You can't help but feel you're nothing but a number On your computer and on your TV The ads and the symbols you can't help but see Everywhere you look you see their billboards and their signs Is the whole world fucking blind? You're branded A barcode to your head how much longer can you stand it? You're branded Branded for life that's exactly how they planned it The clothes that you wear the car that you drive Branded as their logos keep the cash machine alive You're not safe at work you're not safe at home Surrounded by your peers but you find yourself alone As you try to escape you find you're thinking their thoughts You've got to think for yourself! Market research It's not you...
As our freedom slowly slips away It makes me wonder just what's gone wrong The masses hide in fear and disarray Endangered victims of a tired old song and Those in power have long known how to Control the masses by feeding them fear Uncalibrated primitive emotion to Makes us all believe the end is near We're not slaves of fear under their control We've got strength in numbers let's find a common goal We're not slaves of fear under their control We've got strength in numbers let's reclaim what they stole Revolution NOW With the fear of death comes fear of life And your mind works in predictable ways Life can be filled with endless strife When quiet desperation is the American way but We have more control than you may think Embrace emotion but try to understand that The world could end before you even blink Don't let fear put you in your place (yeah) Take back control of your life
Oppression comes in many forms and one that's (often) overlooked Is the selfishness and negligence of the common capitalist crook Profit over people is their subtle battle cry Let's choose to take control and kiss their shit control goodbye Do it yourself when others are oppressing you Over 30 years of struggle can we say that things have changed? With hunger, war, and apathy life seems just as deranged But we can still claim refuge to our counter culture roots We make things happen with compassion and you too can always choose to Do it yourself when no one else will do it for you We don't need anybody else we can make a change if we do it ourselves


released March 29, 2013


all rights reserved



Apathy Cycle Santa Ana, California

Formed in 2009. Ex members of touring bands such as Intro5pect, Broken Society, LoC, and more.

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