Critical Thinking EP (2014)

by Apathy Cycle

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Includes a cover of Fugazi's Great Cop and featuring MC Devlin of Mad Conductor and No Cash on GroupThink Different.


released November 25, 2014


all rights reserved



Apathy Cycle Santa Ana, California

Formed in 2009. Ex members of touring bands such as Intro5pect, Broken Society, LoC, and more.

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Track Name: Hearsay
You say you know what you need to know the facts are clear and they speak for themselves
We say it's clearly unfair when you judge another person based on what you heard

All you've got is hearsay HEARSAY

Unfounded information it presents a problem when the truth is unclear
Break away from the enticement of the premature judgment of the lives of your peers

All you have HEARSAY
All you need HEARSAY
The witch hunt starts HEARSAY
With one spoiled seed HEARSAY

Partisan truth INJUSTICE
Dubious facts INJUSTICE
Biased lies INJUSTICE
Blind judgment INJUSTICE

Fuck what you heard
Think for yourself
Track Name: GroupThink Different
Even as seekers of truth we lie to ourselves
But our relative perception is the story no one tells

And we grow up to accept a mindset that is safe
A comfort in compliance as it puts us in our place

I've got to go
I've got to get out of groupthink
We've got to go
We've got to break out of groupthink

We don't even see it but we've got this mental process
We rationalize our fears but it mostly is unconscious

It protects us from the threat of the majority
And suppresses our own thoughts in conformity
With the group
No individual thoughts

I'm busting out of cages jumping off of stages
Driving around in an automobile with no functioning gauges
A vessel on the trestle between madness and sanity
On which humanity is headed toward unthinkable calamity
Like the coyote with tunnel-vision who foolishly fell for his own tricks
We're knockin' back the Amontillado on the wrong side of the bricks
And now exceeding the maximum weight of a load bearing wall
Our fate is soon to crack the plate with a bench clearing brawl

Why don't you think for me
It's too much trouble to change the flow and disagree
Secure in comfort in a group of at least two or three
Try to be different and the group will shun and terrorize me
Track Name: Critical Thinking
While I've stuck to my convictions I've often felt the surge of overwhelming strong emotions and I know I must ignore the urge to

Stick to my thoughts and stick to my methods
Keep my mind closed off from the threat of correction

Prepare yourself for intimidation/prepare yourself for assimilation

When we question what we believe the truth becomes so clear
But it's not easy to perceive when our minds are filled with fear

It's easy to jump to emotional decisions rational thoughts often kept in remission

Prepare yourself for intimidation/prepare yourself for assimilation

Critical thinking is all we can hold on to
Critical thinking is all that we have

Objective interpretation
Unbiased assertions
Sensible determination
Evidence through observation

And we don't want to be wrong
And you have known all along
That you have got to be strong
We all just want to belong
Track Name: Great Cop (Fugazi)
Got a lot of questions for me
Got your finger pointing at me

Distrusted I look for wires when I'm talking to you

You'd make a great cop

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