Pre​-​Release EP for Full Length Record

by Apathy Cycle

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A 3 song EP featuring unmastered songs from our upcoming, unreleased full length record. Recorded and mixed at the Blasting Room.


released October 12, 2017


all rights reserved



Apathy Cycle Santa Ana, California

Formed in 2009. Ex members of touring bands such as Intro5pect, Broken Society, LoC, and more.

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Track Name: Rise
We're all the same

We are left behind a result of their greed
They don't care about race or gender or creed
So why should you?

Take a chance we'll lose less blood
We have the choice to rise, we have the choice to rise above
We're falling down

Rise, rise, together we'll rise
In the ghetto and in the suburbs
In the streets and in the office

Rise, we're gonna rise
Deny their lies
Don't compromise

Oppressed as a majority
We'll take back their authority

The richest 1% have the power and control
But we can make a change it's in our hearts and souls
It's time to unite, take a shot

In the ghetto and in the suburbs
Rise, rise, together we'll rise
In the schools and in the court house
Rise, rise, together we'll rise
We the people of many colors
Rise, rise, together we'll rise
We'll watch their house of cards fall down
Track Name: Antonia's Against the Wall
"Do you have a drink?," he asked in his own native Spanish my son and I are drained from walking all day

At first she and Victor felt they needed to vanish
but the look of desperation would compel them to stay

"We'll get some water for you, and here's some food"
And when San Diego's finest showed up it was easy to conclude that

Much of the country's xenophobic, you're a traitor if you care at all

"Let's show compassion," they thought as they fed the two strangers
but the border patrol had different plans

Our heroes never saw the inevitable danger
but little did they know that compassion could land, them in federal prison, for 60 days
and When you're guilty of giving a fuck it can't be very hard to say that

Much of the country's xenophobic you're a traitor if you care at all

Antonia's against the wall, it feels like nothing at all

They want to build a wall
Track Name: Forgotten Genocide
The air was filled with gunshot noise and heavy clouds of smoke
As Hagop's ears began to ring his wife began to choke
Brutality now in force on a kind Armenian village
More than just a raid, it was more than just a pillage

Forced to walk for endless miles, the weakest would be shot
The world was in a daze of war, a minor afterthought
They had no way of knowing this relentless cruel surprise
A systematic killing, the word was genocide

Remember this day and never forget

if we don't stay alert, history's tragic cycle will repeat
It eats me up inside
(Forgotten genocide)
And now we hold the torch for all-of-those who suffered in defeat
The ghosts of those who died
Forgotten genocide

Less than 30 years later a tyrant felt inspired
to do away with subhumans he felt were not desired
his influence was clear he was roughly heard to say
Who after all speaks of them (the Armenians) today?

It's 75 years later and again we feel safe
We think that we're immune, to history's vile fate
(But) the echoes of the storm on inauguration day
continue to remind us of memories washed away

Stand watch, take heed, protect yourself from oppressive ideology
Spread the truth, tell the story of past injustice
We'll stand together and stay informed
As watch dogs we will never conform
To the mindset of those who
Try to force an agenda of oppression

For those who died
We'll stay alert
We hold the torch
Forgotten genocide!

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